Your Health Navigator offers a unique and flexible model which focuses on the individual and continuity of care. 

We believe this approach achieves best client outcomes. Our goal is to customise care programs to meet your needs.

Our services include Hospital Navigation, Nursing Navigation, Community Navigation and Health Navigation Packages. For Funding options please see below.



We provide support and will advocate on your behalf if you are admitted to hospital. This includes pre-admission advice, in-hospital representation and assistance with coordinating your discharge home.

Services can include:

  • Information and education regarding your upcoming hospital admission

  • Planning and organising support for your discharge home such as physiotherapy, cleaning, personal care and meals. This could occur before you are admitted to hospital, during your hospital stay or when you return home

  • Advocate on your behalf - this could involve communicating with your doctor, hospital discharge planner, allied health professionals and other healthcare providers to assist with a smooth transition from hospital to home

  • Communicate with your family members, next of kin and carers regarding your discharge plan and any follow-up that may be required

  • A registered nurse to visit you at home after your hospital admission to provide a post hospital assessment




We provide in-home nursing services such as:

  • Post hospital assessment

  • Wound management

  • Continence assessment

  • Palliative care

  • Medication management

  • Ante/post natal care and support

  • Diabetes management

  • Stomal therapy



We provide personalised wellness assessments to identify risks and offer recommendations. Our goal is to assist you to maintain independence at home and where possible avoid hospital admission. Services can include:

  • A registered nurse to meet with you in your home to provide a wellness assessment

  • Advocate on your behalf - this could involve communicating with your local doctor, council services and community organisations

  • Offer recommendations if risks are identified and discuss these with people involved in your care such as your doctor, family and hospital

  • Action these recommendations on your behalf

  • Refer to other community service providers if required



We customise care packages to meet your individual needs. This may be short or long term care and can include:

  • In-home nursing

  • Health Navigation- ongoing support and communication regarding your health status to your family and other healthcare professionals

  • Hospital Navigation

  • Community Navigation

  • Allied health services such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy

  • Personal care/home help

  • Meals 



Fee for Service

All of the above care packages are available on a fee for service basis. We can provide you with an estimate of cost on referral.


Private Health Funds

Your Private Health fund may cover some of your expenses. This is dependent on your level of cover and the care required.


Please contact us on 1300 145 126 to discuss this further.

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