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Working together, we advocate for your patients so they can concentrate on their recovery.

We give control to your patients by providing the information and support they need to navigate their own health journey — whether that be before going to hospital, during their time with you, or in their home. We work closely with  families, medical teams and with community services to assist your patients in maintaining their independence.

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At Your Health Navigator relationships with hospitals and patients are at the heart of the best care. We empower your patients in their recovery by offering guidance and service beyond the standard in-hospital and in-home support. 

In hospital, we connect your patients with our Registered Nurse Liaisons face-to-face (or via the telephone where face-to-face is not possible), and work together to develop a holistic and personalised health care plan, ensuring a smooth and confident transition home. The clinical staff at Your Health Navigator are allocated time to get to know the person, not just their condition.

At home, we connect your patients with our clinicians, working closely with families, medical teams and community services to assist in maintaining independence. Your Health Navigator staff are able to advocate for your patients so that they can concentrate on healing. We give control to the patient by providing the information and support they need to navigate their own health journey.

We understand that all patient needs are different, and offer the below range of programs for private health fund members (who meet specific eligibility and criteria requirements).

Follow this link to download more information about our hospital substitution services

Download some recent client case studies

We would love to talk to you about how we can make a meaningful impact upon your patients' wellbeing.

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