Our employees are the heart and soul of Your Health Navigator - responsible for getting to know our clients and advocating on their behalf so that they can concentrate on their recovery.

We strive to create a working environment which encourages timely and open communication, constructive feedback, celebrates success and offers an empathetic ear in times of need.

This is our crew.




Managing Director

Jane’s favourite things are Haigh’s chocolate, holidays, long walks, bonfires and a great gin…oh, she loves her family and Frankie the dog too. She has loved building Your Health Navigator into a business that changes people’s lives for the better.



Operations Manager

Rachel loves chocolate and cheese…but not at the same time. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves that Your Health Navigator is able to be flexible with care options to really make a difference in a client’s recovery journey.



Clinical Manager

Andrew loves a cracking good sandwich (specifically toasted corned beef, cheese and pickles) and gardening on a sunny day with a Border Collie by his side. He enjoys working at Your Health Navigator because his values align with that of the Director’s and the organisation as a whole – his capable and motivated colleagues also contribute to his positive workplace experience.



Finance Officer

Catherine loves anything Thai-food related. Spending time with family and friends and traveling make her happy. Catherine enjoys the way that Your Health Navigator staff care for our clients.



Managing Director

Jo loves Haigh’s chocolate more than anything in the world. She also enjoys a sunrise and food in general. She loves providing care to our clients (it is a privilege!), making an impact on clients lives, changing the broader health care system for the better and working with the amazing Your Health Navigator team.



Systems Analyst

Amanda loves good Mexican and a great cheese platter. Being with her family and friends (with cheese…) and Aussie music makes her happy. Amanda likes working at Your Health Navigator because of her colleagues and knowing that we are helping people every day.



Marketing and Communications Manager

Claire loves a bibimbap from Jin’s on Goodwood Road and a great Pinot Gris (wine is a food group, right?). She is happiest spending time with her family, at a Kylie Minogue concert or on the dancefloor with her girlfriends. Claire enjoys working in an environment where there are plenty of laughs in the office and feels rewarded knowing that we are changing health care for the better.




Registered Nurse

Ashleigh loves a Mexican feast and enjoys walking at the beach looking for treasures. At work, she loves having the opportunity to support her clients with their health and wellbeing and hearing their stories.



Registered Nurse

Bec’s favourite food group is coffee. She enjoys reading a good book with a coffee, watching a great TV series with a coffee and spending time with her family in the sunshine…with a coffee. She loves working at Your Health Navigator as it is a collaborative environment and she likes to make a difference in our clients’ lives – we also have a good coffee machine at the office.




George really loves a chicken schnitty, and red wine in the sunshine makes him happy. His favourite thing about working at Your Health Navigator is the ability to travel all over the state, meeting people in their homes.



Registered Nurse

Kim is fortunate to have a husband who cooks a fantastic roast – she loves spending time with her family and considers Your Health Navigator a professional, well organised and supportive workplace with friendly staff.



Wellbeing Support Program

Team Leader

Rebecca loves dark chocolate (Lindt 70% to be specific), her family, autumn leaves, sunsets and music. She likes working at Your Health Navigator because the business is South Australian owned, offer a client centered model of care and because her colleagues are super positive and supportive.

Sharon C.png


Registered Nurse

Sharon loves a good cheese platter, and a homemade roast dinner.  She is happiest when hanging out with her family, walking on the beach, catching up with friends and having a glass of wine and some Smith’s Original chips (v. important). Sharon enjoys working at Your Health Navigator because of the warm, supportive team environment and because she can connect with people and make a difference in their lives. Also, there is an office dog – that makes her heart happy.



Registered Nurse

Paisley loves lots of things – namely wood oven pizza, remote off road camping adventures with her family, Macy (her Labradoodle), house and garden design and Christmas. Paisley REALLY loves Christmas. She also loves working at Your Health Navigator because it’s such a progressive, forward thinking company and the staff are passionate, genuine, down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable.

YHN Staff Avatars 160px Rita.png


Registered Nurse

Rita loves all types of international foods but her favourite dish of all is Harry Styles (a very well-known fact around the office). Rita is happiest when sitting by an open fire, sipping on a G&T with Harry's dulcet tones blaring through the speaker. She loves working at Your Health Navigator because she gets a great sense of satisfaction in advocating for clients and feels greatly supported by her close-knit team.

YHN Staff Avatars_Mikaela 160px.png



Mikaela loves cheese platters and chocolate and walking with her doggos named Gavin and Grace (she does NOT share her chocolate with the dogs though…). She enjoys working at Your Health Navigator because she is able to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Mikaela feels supported by her colleagues who are all kind and passionate about their work.




Bio to come!



Hospital Liaison

Cathy loves a slow-cooked Osso Bucco and getting up early each day to watch the sunrise. She enjoys the people and culture at Your Health Navigator. 



Registered Nurse

Helen loves a Croatian stuffed capsicum for dinner and enjoys chatting with friends and family over a latte. She loves working at Your Health Navigator because of the support she receives in getting the best possible outcomes for her clients. Helen also loves seeing the smiling faces around the office.



Registered Nurse

Kent enjoys sushi and really loves ironing his work clothes ready for the next day (this is not a joke….). He loves working at Your Health Navigator because our clients constantly feed him chocolate… oh and because his colleagues are wonderful.



Registered Nurse

Kaye is a fabulous painter who loves taro milk tea, avocado and hanging out with her doggo Bella. She enjoys working at Your Health Navigator because of our supportive and friendly staff. Everyone is always there to help.

Kristian (2).png



Kristian is known for eating pizza straight out of his Italian family’s wood oven, and then works it off on the Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty Trail. Hanging out with German Shepherd ‘Boston’ makes Kristian happy and he is excited to be a member of the Your Health Navigator team.



Registered Nurse

Michele loves an Indian feast, her family and friends and a great glass of wine. At work, she enjoys making a positive difference in her clients’ lives and visiting them at home.



Registered Nurse

Rupal loves anything vegetarian and mango-based desserts. She is happiest when listening to music and chatting with her family and friends and enjoys the positive and supportive attitude of her colleagues at Your Health Navigator.



Registered Nurse

Stephanie loves a good coffee, getting outdoors and spending time with her friends and family. She says the supportive and encouraging team at Your Health Navigator make coming to work enjoyable and caring for people the easy thing to do.

Jane B.png


Hospital Liaison

Jane loves a veggie curry with a chilled glass of bubbles while surrounded by family and friends. She enjoys working at Your Health Navigator as she is able to get out and about in the community.

YHN Staff Avatars 160px.png



James loves any meal cooked by his lovely girlfriend (this should get him some ‘brownie’ points), in particular a great steak and a glass of red. On the weekends, James is an avid (albeit amateur) fisherman and enjoys traveling and camping, always in search of his next catch (and when that is unsuccessful, he likes to stop at a fish and chip shop). He likes working at Your Health Navigator because it feels like a family – and as a young family, we have a lot of energy and remain flexible.



Registered Nurse

Mel loves wine and cheese, preferably consumed at a medieval fare with her family in full costume (which we are sure they all love too!). Mel’s spiritual nature fits perfectly with Your Health Navigator – a place where she can offer help, hear people’s stories, sorrows and joys. She enjoys working in a supportive workplace where we are all dedicated to providing meaningful care for our clients.




Beloved Volunteer




Administrative Assistant

Chris loves to smash an Italian feast – preferably pizza or pasta (with a cheese board on the side). He is happiest hanging out with family and friends and enjoys working at Your Health Navigator because we are a professional team who provide excellent care to others.



Administrative Assistant

Kira really loves eating her Mum’s lasagne, then curling up onto a cozy couch with a great book (sounds delightful…). She likes working at Your Health Navigator because the people are awesome.



Social Support Program Officer

Nicole loves her Mum’s vego lasagne and is happiest hanging out with her family at the beach and gardening in the sun. At work she enjoys the friendly and supportive culture and delivering valuable support to the community.



Administrative Assistant

Mia loves pasta, and her dog Frankie makes her happy. She enjoys talking to clients on the phone and watching the business grow from all the hard work put into it.



Administration Officer

Bio to come!